I’d arranged to go for a short and gentle run with a friend and her dog after work. The stitches had just been taken out of my leg the night before, and I was cleared to run if I wasn’t too sore.

It was meant to be a trot down the old railway path near my house, but it was a really beautiful evening, and as the nights were starting to draw in, I wanted to make the most of the remaining light up in the hills behind my house.

We ran, walked, skipped, jumped, waded and staggered 5 1/2 miles over tussocky moorland grass (chest height in places for us wee folk), mud and impressive bogs between the Crow Road car park and the top of Cort ma Law.

We were treated to a spectacular sunset on a clear evening, and we could see the peaks of nearby Ben Lomond and the Arrochar Alps. Further south, we could see the peaks of the island of Arran.

The setting sun caught the windows of the houses across Glasgow, and we saw the planes coming in at the airport.

It was tough going underfoot and we walked to start with up the initial steep climb. But after a while, I couldn’t resist and just wanted to run.

Despite the fall a few weeks ago, my feet felt secure underneath me and I bounced happily over the lumps and bumps that make up the Campsie Fells. There are no flat bits.

I jumped over the worst of the bogs as much as I could and even when things got steeper I just wanted to keep going. My legs felt strong, and my asthmatic lungs worked hard but somehow felt even stronger.

It won’t be long now before it will be dark when I get home. But there are big challenges ahead next year, including running in wild places and dramatic scenery in dark and potentially wilder even more dramatic conditions.

I have the perfect training ground on my doorstep and I can’t wait to make the most of it.

(this post is part of the DIY Creative Club September challenge, which I’m a bit behind on!)


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