A few years ago, a few things went a bit wrong. They kept going wrong for a while until I had to do something drastic and make some changes.

I left my job. I abandoned the commuter craziness of South/East England in favour of orange fizzy pop, mostly grey skies, new words and funny coloured money, and I went back to studying for a little while. That year away from my old life broke the cycle, and changed how I felt about myself and how I saw the world.

It hasn’t exactly been plain sailing since then, but I adore my new adopted home and even when the chips are down every now and then, I’m very, very happy.

Since I’ve been in Scotland, I seem to have become an outdoorsy girl who loves running a long way. This was a huge surprise to me, and especially to my mum who thinks the aliens have swapped me for someone else.

The Flourish is the well hidden bit of me that comes out when I’m doing something I love, or something that’s a bit daft, or when I’m really up against it.  Often these three things happen at the same time.

I live in the hills with two furry skinny elderly greyhound sidekicks. They don’t do much beyond sleeping, but they remind me to look after myself and to take time to recover in between adventures.

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