Starting again, again

My handbag is full of German train tickets, an Austrian bus ticket and my wallet contains a mix of euros and pounds.

I have three horsefly bites to go with my six stitches and my leg is throbbing a bit. The dressing shows through my black tights and the packed train involved a bit of negotiating to ensure I didn’t get bumped accidentally.

I’ve arrived early in the city and I love walking around as the day starts. It’s beautifully sunny and Glasgow really does look gorgeous as the sun and blue skies reflect off all the windows.

I have a later start this morning as its my first day at yet another new job. I’ll be in this one for a while, which has involved reconciling some difficult emotions, but at the moment I’m really appreciating the stability it will bring.

I’m not in my favourite cafe, but the one I’m in is part of one of my favourite buildings in the city centre (on the left in the picture below).

The Alps are a way away again, but I know I will return before too long with a big list of mountains to explore. 

I’ve never seen such jagged rocky peaks so close up, and my time away has reignited my desire to climb again. Not quite in the same way, but it’s a much stronger urge than it ever was before.



My friend looked after me brilliantly, including getting me to hospital when I needed to go, and dabbing a few tears that might have sneaked out a couple of days later. When my return journey proved a little more eventful than expected, she was quick to ring me and check I was ok. I can’t thank her enough. 

My week of camper vans, mountains, parrots, brass bands, beer, lederhosen and sunshine is over. 

We can start all over again whenever we feel like it, but a new job after a holiday on a bright sunny day feels like an especially new start.

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