It’s the first of July tomorrow. The first half of the year, bar a few intensely fantastic highlights, has been one to forget.

One of the best things about life I think is that you can start again whenever you feel like it. Every time I think about what isn’t working for me, I remind myself that, largely through choice, I am ultimately not tied down or committed to anything (beyond clearing a lot of debt) and, most importantly, I can change things any time I want.

As I make yet another fresh start, and make yet more promises to myself that I will somehow find a way to fit everything in and one day perhaps Figure Things Out, I also remind myself that really, life is good, the bad stuff is largely behind me and that whatever comes or goes along the way, I will deal with it.

Time feels as though it is always in short supply, but I am doing my best to make the most of what is left over once the must-dos are out of the way.