I started this blog a few weeks ago, after feeling it was time for a new one.

A few things came to a definite end, a few new things started, and a few other things have shifted quietly and inexplicably from one phase to another.

Since I started my previous blog, I’ve become a long distance runner, discovered a creative spirit I never knew existed, left full-time employment (and then sadly had to return earlier than planned), moved house and moved country.

I’ve cycled up and run up more hills and mountains than I could ever have imagined back when I lived in the flatlands of coastal Essex.

I’m physically, mentally and emotionally much fitter and healthier than I could ever have imagined.

After a few days away, and having just started a new job, it’s a great time to acknowledge the changes taking place in my life, and to re-commit to my goals and my dreams and those of the people I love.

This blog will be about two things – adventures and inspiration, and how they feed each other and push me forwards.

The picture above was taken just after the end of one big phase a couple of years ago, and I hope you’ll stick around for the next phase of the journey.

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